Members Area

Booking System:

Please remember to book your classes!

Bookings will become a priority as we will only allow those who’ve booked to attend the classes.

Once an athlete has created a new profile, you can sign in and use the BOOKINGS tab to begin booking your training spots. Every athlete can book 1 week in advance. If there are any questions, simply ask us in the box or send us an email and we’ll assist you.

Membership Fees:

Membership fees are due latest by the 7th of the Month. All memberships are paid a month in advance and we’d appreciate it if everyone can assist us in this manner.

Cancellation of membership:

We understand that there will be times when athletes need to take a break from training or life simply happens. If any athlete wants to change there membership or won’t be joining us for another months training, please inform us of this matter so that we can update our system accordingly. Your help in this regard would be greatly appreciated. Simply send us an email informing us of your cancellation or change of membership.