Thursday 23 July

20 on 20 off x  20 rounds (10 each)

– handstand against wall wit as many shoulder taps in the 20 secs
-plank hold (opposite limbs of the floor)


5 rounds of

90 secs on 90 secs off

12 ring push ups.
12 pullups
12 hang snatches 35/25

ME plate pushes. (PBM)
ME jumping lunges (PBM2)


Wednesday 22 July

Warm up.

2 rounds with empty bar.

10 muscle snatches
10 behind neck snatch grip push press
10 overhead squats


5x 3 reps..(singles)

Snatch grip hang high pulls
*make sure to get full extension
And pullnelbows as high as possible.

Do this as heavy as possible.

B) emom for 14 mins.

2 power cleans
1 squat clean.

*allowed to start at a reasonable weight not light and work up to a heavy complex..


Monday 20 July


20 empty bar thrusters
20 burpees
20 shuttles

Back squats
2x 18 reps @ 65%


Running clock 12 mins.
Start a round over every 3 mins. If you complete a round in the 3 mins you can rest the remainder. If not just start over every 3 mins.

– 14 lunges (behind head) 40/25
-15 burpees
-7 t2b