Wednesday 15 July

Wednesday weightlifting.

*There will be a daily wod but this wod is optional and will be done with limited supervision from the coach.
* they can choose whether they want to attend the lifting session with the coach or do the wod on their own.

10 OHS pvc
10 pvc high pulls
10 pvc muscle snatches.

Assesorry work.
6 sets of strict press. Empty bar
20sec on: 20 sec off

*athlete sits in L position on floor but unlike previous weeks.
They must lean a bit back with torso and also the feet and knees/ legs must be slightly of the floor and is not allowed to touch the floor


5 sets a a comfortable weight.
1 set =
1 high hang clean
1 hang clean
1 full clean
(All 3 into full squat. Make sure of full extension en 2nd pull and good receiving position. )

5 sets at a comfortableto heavy weight.
2 unbroken power cleans
2 front squats without dropping the bar.

Pleas make sure 1 and 2 is done with as perfect form as possible, scale till perfect

*optional wod


Post Results Here

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