Tuesday 25 December. “Merry Christmas to everyone have a blessed day”

Warm-up: (2 rounds of 15 reps)
Tuck jumps
Shoulder Stretch/Mobility
Push-ups (5 reps)
Walking Lunge 15 Steps
Samson Stretch (hold 10 sec. ea. leg)
Squat (hold at bottom on rep #15 for 10 seconds)

“Merry Christmas”

1km run
50 Handstand push ups
75 sit ups
100 push ups
200 squats
1km run

Finish for fastest time
(Time to beat 31:30min)
Post time in comments , who’s going to beat that time????

Today’s Quote: Dedication: The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital!


Post Results Here

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